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  1. What is Entity Bean and Session Bean ?
  2. What are the methods of Entity Bean?
  3. How does Stateful Session bean store its state ?
  4. Why does Stateless Session bean not store its state even though it has ejbActivate and ejbPassivate ?
  5. What are the services provided by the container ?
  6. Types of transaction ?
  7. What is bean managed transaction ?
  8. Why does EJB needs two interface( Home and Remote Interface) ?
  9. What are transaction attributes ?
  10. What is the difference between Container managed persistent bean and Bean managed persistent entity bean ?
  11. What is J2EE ?
  12. What is JTS ?
  13. How many entity beans used and how many tables can u use in EJB project ?
  14. What is scalable,portability in J2EE?
  15. What is Connection pooling?Is it advantageous?
  16. Method and class used for Connection pooling ?
  17. How to deploy in J2EE(i.e Jar,War file) ?
  18. How is entity bean created using Container managed entity bean ?
  19. Sotware architechture of EJB ?
  20. In Entity bean will the create method in EJB home and ejbCreate in Entity bean have the same parameters ?
  21. What methods do u use in Servlet Applet communication ?
  22. What are the types of Servlet ?
  23. Difference between HttpServlet and Generic Servlets ?
  24. Difference between doGet and doPost ?
  25. What are the methods in HttpServlet?
  26. What are the types of SessionTracking?
  27. What is Cookie ? Why is Cookie used ?
  28. If my browser does not support Cookie,and my server sends a cookie instance What will happen ?
  29. Why do u use Session Tracking in HttpServlet ?
  30. Can u use javaScript in Servlets ?
  31. What is the capacity the doGet can send to the server ?
  32. What are the type of protocols used in HttpServlet ?
  33. Difference between TCP/IP and IP protocol ?
  34. Why do you use UniCastRemoteObject in RMI ?
  35. How many interfaces are used in RMI?
  36. Can Rmi registry be written in the code, without having to write it in the command prompt and if yes where?
  37. Why is Socket used ?
  38. What are the types of JDBC drivers ?
  39. Explain the third driver(Native protocol driver) ?
  40. Which among the four driver is pure Java driver ?
  41. What are the Isolation level in JDBC transaction ?
  42. How do you connect with the database ?
  43. How do you connect without the Class.forName (" ") ?
  44. What does Class.forName return ?
  45. What are the types of statement ?
  46. Why is preparedStatement,CallableStatement used for?
  47. In real time project which driver did u use ?
  48. Difference between AWT and Swing compenents ?
  49. Is there any heavy weight component in Swings ?
  50. Can the Swing application if you upload in net, be compatible with your browser?
  51. What should you do get your browser compatible with swing components?
  52. What are the methods in Applet ?
  53. When is init(),start() called ?
  54. When you navigate from one applet to another what are the methods called ?
  55. What is the difference between Trusted and Untrusted Applet ?
  56. What is Exception ?
  57. What are the ways you can handle exception ?
  58. When is try,catch block used ?
  59. What is finally method in Exceptions ?
  60. What are the types of access modifiers ?
  61. What is protected and friendly ?
  62. What are the other modifiers ?
  63. Is synchronised modifier ?
  64. What is meant by polymorphism ?
  65. What is inheritance ?
  66. What is method Overloading ? What is this in OOPS ?
  67. What is method Overriding ? What is it in OOPS ?
  68. Does java support multi dimensional arrays ?
  69. Is multiple inheritance used in Java ?
  70. How do you send a message to the browser in JavaScript ?
  71. Does javascript support multidimensional arrays ?
  72. Why is XML used mainly?
  73. Do use coding for database connectivity in XML?
  74. What is DTD ?
  75. Is there any tool in java that can create reports ?

Author: O.A.Saravanan