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Hot Java Links

This page contains links to Java resources.  You will find tutorials, Java Certification Mockup Exams (HTML & Simulated), Java Study Groups, Java Books, etc...  Have fun!  This site is for YOU, so if you know of any additional "Hot Java Links" please email me and I add them.   Feel free to add a link to this site.

Technical Computing Portal is a technical computing portal for all scientific and engineering needs. The portal is free and contains over 20,000 useful links to technical computing programmers, covering Java, Excel, MATLAB, Fortran and others.

Java Links Java Certification (SCJP) Test Simulation Engine(Before Appering the JCP Certification Exam this Test Simulation Engine is very usful) TutorialSCWCD@Whiz - Sun Certified Web Component Developer Certification Test Simulator XML@Whiz - IBM XML Certification Test Simulator and XML WebSphere@Whiz - IBM WebSphere Certification Test Simulator WebLogic@Whiz - BEA WebLogic Certification Test Simulator Mock Exam(This is very Useful for JCP Certification Exam) Mock Exam Lists Mr Ashok Developed Mock Exam WebSite... Jahanns's Mock Exam List etc...

Java - Sun Corp's Links - Sun Java's Home Page
Sun Java Certification Tests - test objectives, example questions, etc...
Sun's Java Tutorial - it's free! Very good learning tool!  Each section takes ~2-3hrs. - May have a free CBT for trial use. - Glossary of Java Terms ! - White pages on JAVA. - Free version of Hot Java Browser. - Worldwide Java Developer conference. - Sun Software Cyberseminars. 1-800-864-5124
JDK 1.2-(2.0) Download Instructions - Java/Java API/JBUG/JWS
Steps to Ordering the Sun Certification Exam

Sites Dedicated to Java Certification - by Marcus Green. Awesome resources, tutorials, etc... You must visit this site! - by Michael Thomas (this site). - by Paul Wheaton (also Kathy Kozel ).  You'll find this site to be a delightfully interesting.   Make sure you visit the "Big Moose Saloon" which is a Java forum.

Java - For the Beginner (Green Horn)

java_beginner.htm - Links and info for the Java Beginner. - Great for the Java beginner.

Java - Other Certifications - Java: IBM's VisualAge & WebSphere - You may want to get this certification before you try for SUN's.

Java Jobs - a Job Site just for Java programmers - neat idea!

JDC Resources (Java Developer Connection)

Keep in touch with Java technology!   Tutorials, white pages, great resource!  Also, sign up for 2 Email subscriptions:  Tech Tips & Newsletter. 

JDC - Free Membership
JDC - Developer Home Page - JDC members only.  (Visit this site!)
JDC- Tech Tip archives - JDC members only.
JDC - Newsletter archives -JDC's archive of Newsletters.

Java - Tutorials & Exam Cram Notes

Exam Objectives Cram Notes - by Marcus Green's (a final cram must!) - by Dylan Walsh.   If your ready to take the exam, Dylan reviews each Exam Objectives (Java 1.1 & Java 2). - Dr John Hunt's Java Resource Training Page - Free Java, JavaScript, & Oracle Tutorials by Ian Saunders - (Introductory to Advanced) - Java 2 Flash Cards for Certification ~ $15.00 - then click on "Certification Topics" - Independent training endorsed by JavaSoft. ( - Java Developer Connection tutorials. - free one hour course on e-business and java.  This Web-based course combines video, audio, graphics, and text. A text-based version is also available. - IBM - Free Tutorials & Purchase CBT's 
     (If registered already: Intro to Java ) - several free online CBT's. - Look for Java tutorials. - some fee, some free.  Had free Java tutorials when I visited.

Java - Exam Examples - HTML - html sytle exam (45 questions) - UK cool site!
Mockup Exam by Dr John Hunt - html style exam. - html style exam.  42 questions.
Exam Cross Reference(s) by Topic - for Boone, Green & Hunt. - under construction, by Sreenivasa Kumar Majji ("Kumar").  (I have not had a chance to review yet.)

Java - Exam Examples - Simulated

J@Whiz - Java Certification (SCJP) Test Simulation Engine - Very Good, a definite must! Salient Features: 650 Questions (11 Tests), On latest and revised pattern of SCJP (Java Certification), Highly Customizable, Detailed Explanations, Diagnostic Test, Quick Revision Tips, Unlimited Tech Support, Scorer of the Month, and many more...
William Brogden's ( Java 2 - Free Simulated Exam - Good, a definite must! Simulated exam on the Java Language Fundamentals (timed & scored /w answers in green after grading).  By the author of Java 2 Exam Cram (ISBN 1-57610-291-2) & Java 2 Exam Prep.
*** We need the rest of the sections also - Good! Java Applet, simulates the exam. - "Jxam + Java Resources" by Eddie McNally.  Download for free Jxam's simulated exam with 170 questions in the database.  You also get the source code!   The exam is timed, and the maximum number of questions is 59.  There are also links to various OO topics, such as CORBA, Embedded Java and general Java resources. - Has Java 2 Programmer Exam review & simulated Exam Quiz.  The EXAM is an awesome learning tool also.  You're asked a question, the immediatedly told the results and why!  Thanks Jamie Jaworski.  (also has Java 2 Architect) -  Java 2 Simulated exam with over 250 questions for ~$55.  Soon will be at and  (Many questions from Marcus Green!) JCertify, Practice Simulated Exams, -  Probably $70 well spent.  (I have not purchased this service.)
IBM's Simulated Exam - 30 questions, then a grade.  You will not know which questions you missed, therefore it is not a good training tool!  I don't think it is a good gage for passing the Exam.

Java Web Ring - Web Ring (Free).  Click on "Directory", then "Programming", then "Java Certification Ring".  There is a list of Java Sites oriented towards certification.

Java Certification Initiative

Overview of Certification Initiative:  Sun, IBM, Novell, Oracle, Netscape and other companies have joined to create a new certification path:  Sun Certified Programmer, Certified Solution Developer, and Certified Enterprise Developer (total of 5 tests).   See "JCertify's" link below for more info. Click here for one of his slides showing all three. - by David Hecksel, author of JCertify's Simulated Java Exams.  This is the slide presentation he gave at JavaOne (17 slides).
Links to major players web sites. - The Certification Initiative - IBM's - Novell's

Java - IBM - IBM's Java Technology Zone ("Developer Works").  Online tutorials available free of charge in the Education section (left frame) of the Java Zone.
Additional Topics:
"Introduction to Java or COBOL Programmers"
"Introduction to Servlets"
"Introduction to Java Server Pages"
"Corba", Java Beans, Java JFC, etc...

Java - Business Case - Author Keith Rutledge, IBM Java Segment Manager, explains what Java is and why it's important. He also explains the technology in business terms at a fundamental level and explains the ultimate effects of the technology on businesses.  Business & Architect's view.

Java 1.1 vs Java 1.2 (aka Java 2) Exam

Note:  Java 1.2 & Java 2 is the same version.  So if you have a book on Java 1.2 then you have a book on Java 2.  Sun changed the name of the version for marketing reasons.
Also, Java 1.1 & Java 1.2 exams are similiar.
1.1 vs 1.2 (Java 2) Certification test differences - by Charles Bradley

Java - Audio Tapes -  Tapes of JavaOne (Sun's Worldwide Developer Conference) -  (from 1997 - Current).  Tapes of the sessions (131 sessions for 950 or $10.00 each)

Java Study Groups - Check out the link to "Big Moose Saloon" which is a Java forum which includes Programmer Certification, Developer Certification, Architect Certification, and other Java Techology forums.
Java Certification Study Group - woj   - check this out!  (from )
Online Certification Discussions   
Java Certification Study Group - looks like this group meets in Silicon Valley. - Jacksonville, FL.  Wednesdays 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Java User Groups (JUG's) - Sun's User group list. - Other User groups - Other User groups - How to starting a JUG - The goal of this page is to connect people who are interested in starting new Java User Groups. - tap a large knowledge base

Java Special Interest Groups - Enterprise Java Beans - Open Directory on "Internet" links (Java, JavaScript, XML, etc...)

Java Groups & Magazine/Articles - lots of good articles. - "Official Java Directory", a listing of services, tutorials, sample code - Java news group. (1. programming & software, 2. Find Discussion: JAVA) - IBM's JCentral

Java Resources (General, FAQ, etc...) - very good. - Java, XML, JDBC (search for the words)

Java Books:  Certification Guides

Online Bookstores:
Java 2 Exam Cram - by William Brogden $29.99 ISBN: 1-57610-291-2 (awesome book)
Java 2 Exam Prep - by William Brogden $49.99 (awesome book) (Certification Insider Press)
Java Master Reference JDK 1.1 - by Aurthur Griffith (awesome reference book!)
Java Certification for Programmers and Developers (JDK 1.1) - by Barry Boone (I used this one, however I don't think he will have a JDK 2 version !)
Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide - by Simon Robers & Philip Heller, Sybex  (I've heard its good.)
A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification by Mughal & Rasmussen   (Java 2)
(ISBN 0-201-59614-8, Addison Wesley, (Programmer Exam only)

Java Books:  General

by Bruce Eckel:
Free electronic download of "Thinking in Java" - .  Then pick one of the sites listed. - Also associated with Bruce Eckel (
"Java, How to Program" by Deitel & Deitel (published by Prentice Hall).  I used this book at a Community college to get familiar with Java.  Look for the latest editions. - These authors have several Java books & free downloads.

Java - Testing Sites

Must order Exam from Sun Corp - 800-422-8020 ($150.00) - Sylvan Prometric - 800-959-3926, to find testing sites choose "Find a Testing Center".  

Java IDE's

java_ide.htm - My link of info on Java IDE's

Java Certification Training - Corporate Funds Available

I have not tried any of these training methods.  I did not have corporate funds available to me.  Here is some links I've found. - ILT & Web based. - Sun's home page.  Look for a link to Training.